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F*ck it and Book it!

F it and book it

How to transform your worries, fears, and boundaries into wild adventures and redesign your life as you know it

That crazy dream you’re ignoring?

Yep, THAT one. You’re supposed to follow it.

That month of exotic island hopping; that writing retreat; teaching English overseas; yoga in the jungle; glamorous city break; your career abroad. Yep, that crazy dream that won’t go away. Yep, still there at the back of your mind.

That project you want to start; that art you want to create; that business; that town you want to move to; that time you want for yourself. Why does it keep niggling away at you?

Because it needs to happen. It must.

That crazy dream you’re ignoring? Say it aloud right now. (Whisper it if you have to.)

That dream? I’m here to tell you your dream is not crazy. But it is your burning desire and it’s burning. Burning YOU.

F It and Book it1Ignore it any longer and the more it will eat away at the real, wild, and free you.

You’ll feel trapped, bored in your daily life, a lack of excitement in your relationships; guilty for wanting more.

But no matter how much you WANT to expand, grow and follow that crazy dream, making change is hard. The people around you are fearful you’ll grow without them for a start and as a woman you tap into that. Rather than rock the boat by saying aloud what you really want, you shrink back. You hide your desires.

When you shrink your desires so you don’t break anyone else’s heart you’re giving them a false you. You are lying to yourself. It will hurt.

But what if there’s a way for you to take your dreams and desires seriously that doesn’t make you feel guilty, broke or selfish? (no more “one days”: “when the time is right,” “one more year in this job,” “when the kids are older,” “when we have more money.”)

What if I can show you there’s a way to redesign your life?

What if there’s a way to elegantly say (or not so elegantly if you prefer) “F*ck It!” to your own fears and “F*ck it!” to whoever, whatever and wherever has been holding you back?

F It and Book it2F*ck It and Book It! is a six week online group coaching course that walks you through a process for overcoming the fears and worries stopping you getting out in the world.

You’ll unlock your caged up dreams.

You’ll examine why you’ve kept them buried for so long.

You’ll rediscover the activities and that make you feel alive and energized.

At the end of this course, you’ll finally start that dream trip, project, business, or house move.

You’ll feel confident, supported and driven to do what you love and what you are meant to do.

It’s about taking yourself and your (not so crazy) dream seriously.

F*ck it and Book It! has an incredible curriculum that includes: modular fear-busting video classes, expert guest interviews, weekly Q&A calls with Marie and the other F*ck It! Worldettes, worksheets, and access 24/7 to an online accountability community of inspirational women – all designed to teach you to get out in the world and make that dream happen.

When you change the way you look at things, you change the way things look – Dr Wayne Dyer.

And like everything from Worldette, the exciting thing is F*ck it and Book It! can be done from wherever you are on the planet (as long as you have internet access!)

Course breakdown

Here’s what is covered in our five fast-paced sessions. This program is designed to show you how overcome any fear that is holding you back – skills you can use over and over for life.

Session One

Foundation: Clarity

Getting clear on your adventure and creating a ‘roadmap’ to your own F*ck It and Book It! tipping point

  • The ‘picture postcard’ technique to get you clear on where you are going and what you want to achieve
  • Why you are already further along in your adventure than you realise and how to keep momentum
  • The ‘holiday snaps’ technique that will help you get clear on moving forward
  • How to start redesigning your life to make your dream adventure the natural progression of your daily activities
  • Bringing ‘arigato gozaimasu!’ into your daily life and how it reduce the steps to your adventure
  • The ‘backpack’ technique and how it will create space for change

Session Two

Foundation: Responsibility

Pulling on your big girl’s shoes and learning to be the heroine of your dream adventure – not the victim

  • Why you haven’t been taking yourself seriously….and how to break this harmful pattern
  • How to become the editor of your life – learn to make decisions like an editor to control the content and tone of your life experience
  • The importance of anchoring into the present and how it affects your ability to start adventures
  • The “watch how you bitch” technique that will stop you sending out mixed messages about your future
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Why ultimately you are always the person standing in the way – and why that hurts the most

Session Three

Action Week

Making headway along the journey and connecting with other dream adventurers on the way

This week will be a break from the core sessions to implement homework, take action challenges and report back to the group.

Those who take the VIP All Access level will have their individual coaching calls with Marie.

Session Four

Fear Fighter: People

Dealing with naysayers and recruiting your own team of supporters that will help you achieve your adventure

  • The ‘time travel’ technique for getting clear on where your thoughts and beliefs about yourself came from and how they differ or are aligned with the people around you
  • Why your dream may upset your friends and loved and how to handle their objections
  • The ‘This is Your Life!’ technique for having a positive outlook on your achievements and what you are capable of – carry this with you everywhere for a morale boost any time you need it
  • Why you don’t have quit friendships or divorce family members when they don’t get want you want …..but how not to give up your dream either

Session Five

Fear Fighter: Money

Clearing your emotional beliefs to money and removing the blockages so you have more money for your adventure!

  • My three word mantra that will get you to rethink and shift your money blocks
  • Getting to grips with your money story so you can rewrite it with a “happily-ever-after” ending
  • The “weight watchers” technique for understanding your money boundaries and have to shift them UP the scales!
  • Why each $1 that passes through your hands is an opportunity to act as the rich do

Session Six

Fear Fighter: Time

Learning to honor your time and make appointments with yourself that you never cancel

  • How to create a project plan to make your dream adventure happen
  • The question to ask yourself that will make sure you don’t waste time and always move closer to your dream adventure
  • Why slowing down and scheduling a ‘stop break’ will improve your productivity and create more time
  • The ‘I’m the CEO of my life’ technique that will stop you wasting time on activities that suck the enthusiasm out of you

What the course includes

Core sessions

Five fast-paced recorded sessions delivered to the member’s area each Monday. Each session will take you one step closer in transforming your dream adventure to reality and bring you to your “F*ck It and Book It!” tipping point.

Action-inspiring worksheets and challenges

Delivered with your core sessions and created to get you to take action on your adventure. There’s no giving up on your dream once it started and these challenges will keep you moving forward.


You’ll have access to a private community of other women starting their adventure. You’ll share your thoughts and report back from the weekly challenges but most importantly you’ll get support, accountability and guidance to help you push on with your adventure.

Q&A and 1-on-1 coaching calls

Core members can send their questions for Marie to answer on the group Q&A call

VIP members will have a 1-on-1 coaching call with Marie

Fun and adventure!

We complete things that:

1) we start (obvious but true – think about it!). By joining F*ck It and Book It you’ll have started your adventure from the moment you say yes. Along the way you’ll learn the skills to never let a dream adventure slip you by again.

2) we have fun doing. F*ck It and Book It! is a fun course. While the principles are indeed reflective, thought transforming and indeed serious in their adventure starting abilities we’ll keep things light hearted along the way. After all it’s an adventure!

F*ck It and Book It! is perfect for you if:

  • you’ve been saying you’ll go on that trip / move house / travel / start that project / write your book / insert your dream here / for some time but for all your best intentions you never start it
  • you’re a ‘wild woman’ – you know there’s something more out there for you and you want to make your mark
  • you want to feel free
  • you want to get past the boundaries that have held you back and live your life
  • you want to be an adventurer, traveler, free spirit, leader, action taker
  • you want to proudly take responsibility for your own life
  • you want to show yourself and other people that it can be done

It’s not for you if:

  • you’re not open to new ideas
  • you refuse to accept change and blame others for your situation
  • the word “F*ck” bothers you – obviously I’ll be saying this from time to time!


How long have you been waiting to start your adventure?

Join me inside F*ck It and Book It! to uncage your dream and turn your worries, fears and boundaries into wild adventures!


  • 5 core sessions
  • action-inspiring worksheets
  • access to private community
  • Q&A call – send your questions in advance


  • 5 core sessions
  • action-inspiring worksheets
  • access to private community
  • Q&A call – send your questions in advance
  • 1-on-1 jam session coaching call with Marie

Course starts April 22. Hurry! Hurry! Your adventure won’t wait forever.

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