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Top 5
holistic spas in the USA

Written by Jana Free, 6 years ago, 2 Comments
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American spas are leading the way in the holistic approach to wellness retreats.

Today’s woman is a mother, wife, lover, teacher, homemaker, business woman, and philanthropist. She tends to the needs of her family and community and rarely asks for much in return. When this generation of super woman needs a little time away to relax, renew, and replenish, we say it’s time to hit a spa.

It’s easy to think that a spa trip means flying somewhere hot, exotic and remote, sipping on nothing more than juice for a week. Yet you don’t always have to make it so extreme.

Step forward to the USA. Easy to fly into, easy to get around, no language difficulties and you can also add on a day or two for shopping – because let’s admit, there’s always something you need from the States!

As you would expect from the trend-setting United States, spas too are innovative and leading in their offerings and approach.

Holistic spas

A growing number of spas are holistic, meaning they help women to integrate physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

Holistic means “whole” or “complete,” and the best holistic centers recognize the interdependence mind, body, and spirit to attain optimal health.

Not only do holistic spas provide facilities for swimming, hiking, and other forms of exercise, they are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who advise on nutrition, Eastern Medicine, self-empowerment, stress management, and living a life in balance.

Sounds good? Here are five of the best holistic spas and retreats in the US:

1. La Costa Resort Spa and the Chopra Center for Well Being – Carlsbad,California

The Chopra Center for Well Being is situated on the grounds of the La Costa Resort Spa in Carlsbad, California.

Created by Deepak Chopra and David Simon, the Chopra Center’s main focus is on healing, transformation, and achieving a higher state of consciousness.

Guests take part in meditation sessions, teacher training sessions, and personal development workshops that are run by some of the most highly regarded spiritual leaders today.

The La Costa Resort Spa enjoys an exquisite location on 400 acres of coastline set 30 miles north of San Diego. The Spa offers beautiful guestrooms for overnight stays, body therapies, tea time in flowering gardens, and classes in astrology and Ayerveda.

2. Canyon Ranch -Tucson, Arizona

At Canyon Ranch, in Tucson, Arizona, guests learn how to live healthier, longer, and more joyfully.

A spa experience at Canyon Ranch is just that; an experience! The resort likes to say that health is a state of mind, and for more than 30 years, the staff at Canyon Ranch have been empowering women and helping them create balance in their lives.

Canyon Ranch enjoys a peaceful and scenic location in the Arizona desert. The resort strives to do their part in creating a facility that is in harmony with nature and where resources are conserved and protected.

Canyon Ranch utilizes historic buildings for their facilities whenever possible. Stay at Canyon Ranch and treat yourself to a Signature Stone Massage, facial or body scrub, acupuncture, and lifestyle enhancement classes.

3. Miraval -Tucson, Arizona

A list of the top five spa resorts cannot be compiled without including the award-winning Miraval.

This gem of a resort is THE day spa that comes to mind when looking for a quality retreat for spiritual awakening and physical relaxation.

Miraval encompasses 400 acres of Arizona desert and the views alone are worth a weekend stay.

For 16 years, the resort spa has welcomed women to rest and rejuvenate at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Healthy living and sustainability is the focus at Miraval. All food on the property is organic and locally-sourced.

Activities include swimming, yoga, pilates, and hiking. Miraval’s well-being center offers opportunities for women to start fresh after life-changing events and to recover from illness and stress. Walk the labyrinth or enjoy the fine art installations. It’s all about balance and joy at Miraval.

4. Turtle Bay Resort – Oahu, Hawaii

The setting at Turtle Bay Resort is what draws women to this luxury day spa and retreat center. All of the guestrooms, suites, and villas look out onto the Pacific Ocean and the resort enjoys five miles of beachfront for taking in walks, luaus, and water activities.

At Turtle Bay, guests experience “Pono”, which means the true healthy condition of balance in mind, body, and spirit; just as nature intended.

Turtle Bay believes the best way to achieve “Pono” is to relax, and that is what they want for women.

Whether you spend an afternoon in the gym, at the nearby Polynesian Cultural Center, or experiencing spa treatments like the Coconut Body Scrub and Hawaiian Clay Ti Leaf Ritual, you will love the slow pace of Turtle Bay Resort.

5. Shambala Mountain Preserve -Heather Lakes,Colorado

The Shambala Mountain Preserve is one of the most transformative retreats in the US for experiencing complete health and wellness.

Focusing on the health of the mind and spirit, women learn how to meditate, explore the teachings of  Tibetan Buddhism, and practice yoga.

This healing center offers a contemplative arts program where guest sharpen their skills in mindfulness and are led by some of the most well-known thinkers in modern Buddhism, like Susan Piver. Shambala Preserve sits on 600 acres of valley, in the middle of pine forests and meadows.

One of the most celebrated treasures of the Shambala Mountain Preserve is “The Great Stupa,” a spiritual structure which is said to promote harmony, prosperity, longevity, good health, and peace to all who visit it.

Have you been to any of these amazing sounding retreats? Was there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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