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Worldette Virtual Vacation

WVV Spring 2013

How to turn your life into a permanent holiday and rock that
“just-got-back-from-my-vacation-glow” all year round!

The old cliché: “a change is as good as a rest” is all well and good when you’re able to pack your bags for a much needed escape – but what if you can’t just leave your life right now? Who’s going to do the chores, cover your job, get the kids to school, and well, generally keep your life on track?

Yep, you already know the benefits of taking a vacation for your own sanity, to relax, explore new lands, spend more time with family, and create memories you’ll look back on for years. Yet despite this, we can’t be on vacation all the time.

Or can we?

What if I could take you on a life-changing vacation like nothing you’ve ever been on before, which within one month, will give you the tools to use forever to:

  • turn your mundane routine into a life-long holiday
  • fall in love with your daily life – wherever and however you live
  • take neighborhood safaris – see your area with a fresh ‘traveller perspective’
  • rediscover your adventures in creativity
  • uncage your wild side – remember what makes you feel alive and energized
  • be utterly silly!

Virtual VactionMoreover, this is one vacation you can start right now, is affordable, doesn’t require you travel far, you’ll enjoy with a group of vibrant new friends, and will leave feeling energized and inspired while still managing your daily life.

You see, tapping into that holiday mindset (or ‘Worldette Spirit’ as we call it around here) is very much an inside job.

Let me explain. After you have invested in a vacation (financially and practically by clearing space in your life) you start to install a holiday mindset that says: “I will enjoy this vacation no matter what.” Notice how this belief grows stronger as you get closer to your departure date and how intense it is on the morning you get up to leave? You WILL enjoy this vacation no matter what. And guess what? You do!

(Then notice how you let this feeling start to slide as your holiday comes to a close and how demotivated you feel as you return to your regular life.)

Now what if I could show you the tools that tap into this mindset any time you wanted?

You see it’s not the destination that makes you feel divine. It’s your mindset Your Worldette spirit.

When you change the way you look at things, you change the way things look – Dr Wayne Dyer.

Virtual VacationStep forward the Worldette One-month Virtual Vacation.

The Worldette Virtual Vacation is an online and offline group coaching program that walks you through 8 vacation-inspired challenges and thought processes for tapping into your holiday mindset all year round and without going anywhere far!

You’ll explore zones around your hometown to discover new destinations, new people, and new ways of loving where you live. You’ll explore zones of your thought processes to discover new outlooks, new ways of thinking about people, and new ways of loving yourself.

This is a multi-media discovery travel pack you can take with you when you travel or use at home. Pay for it once and use it over and over – each time you travel or anytime you want to embark on a new virtual vacation

Consider this my secret regime for loving your daily life, enjoying work and chores and having that “just-got-back-from-my-vacation” healthy glow all year round.

The Worldette Virtual Vacation has an fun and incredible curriculum that includes: modular action-inspiring webinars, weekly challenges that change the way you approach your regular routine, weekly challenges that get to explore your ‘hood with a fresh perspective, quick and easy adventures in creativity that prove you can be creative while doing the mundane, and opportunity to report back on your adventures to the online community of women also taking the virtual vacation from all over the world.

And like everything from Worldette, the exciting thing is the Virtual Vacation can be done from wherever you are on the planet (as long as you have internet access!)

Next enrollment is from May 13 2013. Course starts June 3. Join the interest list here and to be first to know more when the course details are released.